BCB SAS is the centre of expertise for building materials of the Lhoist group. The Lhoist group is one of the largest producers of lime and dolime in the world. It develops and sells calco-magnesian and related formulated products to the building and construction industry. These products are used in the manufacture of various construction materials such as aerated autoclaved concrete, sand-lime blocks, hemp-lime concrete, concrete, renders and plasters, and mortars.

BCB has more than two decades of experience in the formulation of lime based binders, mortars, renders and plasters. It was a key player in the development of the hemp-lime concrete (HLC) technology first in France and then in the UK. BCB developed patented HLC formulations based on a portfolio of commercial binders (Tradical® PF 70, PF 80, PF 80 M and HB) and hemp shiv (Chanvribat® and Tradical® HF).

Lhoist Recherche et Développement (‘Lhoist R&D’) is the corporate research and development department of the Lhoist group. Its mission is to develop and disseminate scientific expertise in the various research fields of Lhoist’s Business Units through fundamental research, long term projects and collaborations with public organizations and Universities. Lhoist R&D may also assist the Business Units in development projects.

Key project tasks: 

  • Development, characterization and production of material binders