Stramit International (Strawboard) Ltd

The Stramit strawboard technology was invented in Sweden in the 1930s. It was brought  to the UK in 1945 by the Mosesson family, who established a factory and research centre in Suffolk, registered the trademark internationally, and have subsequently set up factories around the world under licence.

Stramit is produced by a patented process of heat and pressure, that utilises the resinous substances within the straw.

The commercial success of Stramit as an alternative partition material to gypsum board (eg 300,000 houses in the UK) resulted in its being awarded a British Standard (BS 4046 Compressed Strawboard).

Stramit has a long history of pioneering organic based building materials, has undertaken extensive research in the gathering, storing, and utilisation of straw as a raw material for construction, and is enthusiastic about being a member of the EU consortium ISOBIO.

Key project tasks: 

  • Comercial scale-up of panel type products