Progetic is an engineering company based in Barcelona, Spain, offering specialised engineering services for low-carbon buildings and bio-based construction systems. From energy modelling and “fabric-first” performance optimization, to mechanical and electrical systems design, Progetic works with designers and developers to deliver highly energy efficient buildings using natural, renewable, bio-based materials.

Progetic is part of the design team that completed the Larixhaus, a timber and straw bale passive house that achieved the demanding Passivhaus certification seal

The company also took part in the ‘EUROCELL’ Eco-Innovation project providing building physics modelling and optimisation of the ModCell timber and strawbale construction system. EuroCell achievements included the Passivhaus component certification of the ModCell system- the world’s first and only bio-based construction system to have achieved Passivhaus component certification.

Key project tasks: 

  • Analysis of demonstration product data
  • Modeling of performance