CAVAC Biomatériaux

CAVAC is a major and established actor in the value creation of agricultural products and vegetal resources. The CAVAC Group is a co-operative enterprise funded for 40 years, by and for the farmers who are at the same time customers, suppliers and members. With 1000 M€ of turnover and 1250 workers, the CAVAC Group is today a major actor of the regional economy becoming the first French agricultural co-operative groups.

For many years, the co-operative enterprise devoice human means to the mission of Research and Development and focus in finding new sources of added value and valorisation of the agricultural productions of its members.

Cavac Biomatériaux, as a subsidiary of Cavac Group and founded in 2009 is specialized in the defibering of hemp and flax straw and “bio sourced” insulation products for building market. Cavac Biomateriaux is 27 workers including production activities

Key project tasks: 

  • Production of bio-based materials
  • Development and production of products