Claytec e.K.

Claytec was founded in 1983 specialized in traditional methods of building with clay. Claytec is manufacturer of modern clay-based building materials and systems. After years of steady growth in this niche market the company becomes one of the leading producers of earth building materials in Europe. Today, Claytec has a total turnover of approximately 6.5M€ with 35 employees. Claytec won the Efficiency Award of North-Rhine Westfalia 2013 for an experimental highly fire resistant clay panel and participated in several national research projects and one FP7 funded EU-project called ECO-SEE.

Two new fields of product development have a closer link to the ISOBIO proposal: wall constructions with a new clay render on wood fibre boards; and indoor insulation system on wood fibre panels. Both systems are combinations of different materials. This ‘cross-over-approach’ in product development leads to new performances, functions and applications with clay as innovative component.

Claytec has own laboratory for development and a modern plant for manufacturing binders, plasters, mortars etc. at scale; and a specialist know-how in manufacturing and over 30 years of experience in the field of clay-based building materials and systems.

Key project tasks: 

  • Development, characterisation and production of clay binders